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Mountain Pointe Interiors, LLC

     We offer a full range of services including design consultation, specifying, colorization and purchasing on a fee or hourly basis.  Design charges are competitive and when purchasing through the firm, clients are afforded substantial savings from retail pricing.  No matter what compensation method you choose, written agreements will be prepared to clarify your understanding of the exact nature of work to be performed. That’s why working with a professional is essential.  Engaging an interior designer is among the best investments an individual or business can make. 
What Do Interior Designer’s Do?
Interior Design is discipline that demands research, development and analytical skills.  It needs a current command of technology, as well as knowledge of the historical styles.  It requires familiarity with innovative products and unique resources.  Each design process seeks creativity, innovations, new ideas and design solutions in products and services not conventionally available.

Partners in Design

       Interior Designers help us create and define identities through our living and working environments, which reflect your individual personal tastes and preferences.  Therefore, a close working relationship between designer and client is vital for the success of a project.  Each client needs to communicate the scope of their project and ideas at the initial appointment by outlining their expectations, needs, desires, time-line and budget.  The more precise you describe your interior design ideas and requirements, the more successful your interior design partnership and project will be.
     Initial consultations can be scheduled by calling for an appointment at:
       (480) 759-6763.